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Frequently Asked Questions by Patients

We have compiled answers to some of our most pertinent, frequently asked questions by patients presenting at our practice.  You may find that a query you have has already been answered!

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It is suggested that you first see your general practitioner or usual doctor for assessment. If it is a minor problem, your doctor usually can provide you with a suitable treatment to resolve your problem. However if it is a more complex problem which requires review by a specialist or if you would like a second opinion then simply obtain a referral to a dermatologist addressed at South East Dermatology.

We recommend obtaining a referral from your GP/doctor prior to booking an appointment because this allows the dermatologist to first review your referral and arrange for an urgent appointment if necessary. If you have a valid referral on the day of your appointment you will also be eligible for the maximum rebate from Medicare.


The purpose of a skin check is to detect any skin cancers or potential skin cancers early before it has a potential to spread or evolve to something more sinister. It is important to have regular skin checks because early detection can minimise the risks and treatment process required to remove the cancer. Careful examination with modern diagnostic aids and appropriate use of biopsy allows our experienced dermatologists to detect melanomas and other cancers early.

Queensland has the highest rate of melanoma, basal and squamous cell carcinoma in the world however these are all curable if found early. Risk factors are many and include personal and family history of skin cancer, fair skin, sunburns, multiple moles, increasing age and other factors. Unfortunately we still see skin cancer in people with few if any major risk factors.






Your dermatologist will take a careful history covering your risk factors for skin malignancy, medical, surgical, social and medication history. You will be asked if there are any lesions which are of concern or any skin, hair or nail problems.

If you are receiving a full skin examination then you will be asked to undress to your underwear, or alternatively only specific areas can be examined if you preferred. The dermatologist will examine your skin with the aid of magnification, specialised lighting and dermoscopy. If suspect lesions are found the options for management will be discussed with you. Often lesions can be treated at the same consultation or you may need to return on another day.








A dermatologist is a specialist medical physician highly trained on the skin and diseases thereof. A person would see a dermatologist for skin checks to scan for skin cancer, to check any spots and bumps, or to determine the cause of and provide treatment for any skin conditions. Dermatologists are able to provide treatments which are not available to a general practitioner, thus allowing a wider range of options for a given problem, and their expertise affords patients a greater level of assurance that their problem has been adequately dealt with. Learn more here.










South East Dermatology has a team of dermatologists with varying specialities who work between two practices so we are able to provide urgent appointments to new or existing patients.












Our dermatologists see all patients with different skin, hair and nail problems. Some of our dermatologists do have a special interest in certain conditions, you can read more about the doctors and their interests here.

We have a wide variety of treatments available on site such as UVB lightbox therapy and laser therapy for cosmetic and skin cancer treatments. You can read more about the different treatments we provide here.

If you cannot find the information you require on our website, contact us for more information.














South East Dermatology Annerley has just undergone a full redevelopment and our new facilities are state of the art. We are all on one level with easy wheel chair access. There is ample on site free car parking. Located next door to Little Clive Cafe and across the road from a Woolworths store, and Stafford City shopping centre many of our patients combine their dermatologist appointment with a shopping trip.

Our operating theatres are equipped with the most modern equipment and we have full nursing support. Most consulting and operating rooms open onto a relaxing view of a brilliant green-wall.
















Our Annerley practice is located just across the road from Woolworths at Annerley, near the Chemist Warehouse.

We also offer ample on site free car parking for patients. Directions on how to find us and our locations can be found here.

The Stafford practice is located just down the road from the Stafford Shopping Centre. For more information on the Stafford Clinic and how to get get there can be found here


















Skin disease can be associated with other medical problems. Our general practitioners are there to help should emergencies arise.

Many skin cancers need to be removed quickly. Our general practitioners have been thoroughly trained in skin cancer surgery. Under the direction of our specialists they help ensure that all skin cancers identified by our dermatologists are treated as quickly and cost effectively as possible.




















Simply contact our rooms and talk to our reception staff to book an appointment. If you are overseas or unable to call our rooms, you may email us to arrange an appointment. You may also be placed on a cancellation list for an earlier appointment time if available.

On the day of your appointment, remember to bring:

  • Your current Medicare card.
  • Your doctor’s referral letter (or alternatively you may fax, post or email this to us earlier).
  • The completed New Patient Questionnaire or alternatively you may fill it in before your appointment with us.
  • A list of any regular medications that you are currently or previously taking.
  • Any investigation results that may be relevant to your condition.

If you are seeing our dermatologists for a skin check, it is recommended that you do not wear any make-up or alternatively you may use our bathrooms to remove your make-up prior to your appointment.






















Should you have a query regarding appointments, billing, medical issues, test results or any other matters there will always be someone available to provide assistance. You may call our rooms directly and speak to our reception or nursing staff, or alternatively you may email us. Our contact details can be found here.